This page introduces Klip API tutorials.

Klip API Tutorials consist of Card Minting REST API and App2App REST API.

Card Minting API

Card Minting API is a REST API for implementing the functions to mint, send, delete and manage Klip Cards (NFT). The Card Minting API tutorial provides detailed instructions to help you sign in, manage accounts, and mint, send and manage Cards.

App2App API

App2App API is an API for implementing the function to link your "BApp" with "Klip". App2App API tutorial explains this process including configuration of the environment to allow BApp to access Klip, authentication (auth) where a BApp sends Klip a request, sending KLAY (send_klay), sending token (send_token), sending Cards (send_card), and executing contracts (execute_contract). The App2App API tutorial deals with REST APIs.

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